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In a distant age, magical beings known as the fey stepped from their dying world into this one, benevolently conquering the lands and its people.

Now, some 4000 years later, the great City of Ammingrad is a thriving metropolis, melding magic, machines, and magnificence in every aspect. Fey society flourishes in luxury, while humans toil and strive to survive. The vast city spans nearly an entire continent, surrounded by an impenetrable Barrier wall.

The city holds thousands of stories. What will yours be?

Welcome to Warda.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 6

    The intruders plant on the beach to take Quillathe back "to safety" but don't expect everyone to cause such a ruckus. One of the party puts an end to the fight in a most unexpected way, revealing a shocking amount of power.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 5

    Griff begins to scheme against their assailants on the island of Wavecrest, laying the most creative traps he can muster. Quillathe discovers that her attacker is not actually an attacker - it's an ally. Jist finally arrives at Wavecrest to find out what's happening to the rest of the crew, though her heart is still wracked with grief at her recent loss.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 4

    In a ploy to make sure they can keep Griff safe from any accusations of kidnapping, Iggly and Quillathe plot out a complex, specific Gobbin contract to be magically imprinted on Griff's skin. Quillathe and Griff bicker. A lot. An unexpected knock at the front door reveals they are not alone on the island of Wavecrest.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 3

    Iggly cashes in some favors to uncover who's behind the attack at Quillathe's party last night. Jist flies off to report in for work at the Warden station, curious to find out what happened to her friend Urie and the other pixies from the party and the payout for their information gig. Iggly, Griff, and Quillathe disguise themselves and travel across the city to the winter home of House Sareine in search of a safe place to hide while Iggly figures out what's going on.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 2

    Jist and Griff poke around the Weather Agents' curious dampening device, causing a chain reaction of chaos, and the most shocking guests of all arrive unfashionably late and unfashionably masked. In a moment of sudden danger, Quillathe turns to Griff, Iggly, and Jist for an escape, and away they go...

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 1

    The Tideturning Gala of Quillathe Sareine of House Sareiene - the social event of the season. Anybody who's anybody is here, including shrewd banker Gobbin Iggly Twitchwiggler III; Jist, the fastest Pixie in Ammingrad; and Griff Hood, local human thief and anarchist. Quillathe's suitors are jostling for her attentions, but her family are mostly ignoring her. Little does she realize what surprises are in store... Tonight's the night her life changes forever.

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    Warda: Inkblots - A Sandir For All Seasons

    Inkblots are short fictions set in the world of Warda, written and performed by either Aly or Drew. This Inkblot, "A Sandir For All Seasons" serves as a palate cleanser at the end of Glimpses, and the beginning of Winds of Change.

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    Warda: Glimpses - How the Other Half Lives - Chapter 2

    Sandir has offered Quillathe (disguised as Jade Calypso Moonroot) a challenge: she must perform good deeds of a selfless nature this night in order to win back a potion from him, something mysterious called Clarity which she needs desperately before her Tideturning Gala tomorrow night. Quillathe has agreed... but what will these good deeds entail? And will Sandir figure out her true identity?

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    Warda: Glimpses - How the Other Half Lives - Chapter 1

    The night before Quillathe Sareine's coming-of-age Tideturning Gala, she sneaks out of her family's home in search of a particular potion she needs. Intercepted by one of the city's finest duellists, folk hero and longtime suitor Sandir Chundhali, Quillathe finds herself whisked away on a peculiar adventure not of fine silks and breathtaking vistas but of back alleys, hungry children, and the curious underbelly of the city of Ammingrad.

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    Warda: Glimpses - A Seal of Approval - Chapter 3

    The plot thickens, judgements fly, and the true answer to who stole Lady Astrid Swent's Seelie seal and why will baffle and amaze you utterly! Be sure to have your thinking cap on, chaps, or it's quite a puzzle to piece out!

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