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In a distant age, magical beings known as the fey stepped from their dying world into this one, benevolently conquering the lands and its people.

Now, some 4000 years later, the great City of Ammingrad is a thriving metropolis, melding magic, machines, and magnificence in every aspect. Fey society flourishes in luxury, while humans toil and strive to survive. The vast city spans nearly an entire continent, surrounded by an impenetrable Barrier wall.

The city holds thousands of stories. What will yours be?

Welcome to Warda.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 13

    Griff and Sandir square off in the fighting ring at the Chundhali School of Staves, but not even Griff's spicy secret weapon is enough to detract from the plot twist Quillathe unleashes. Meanwhile, Iggly and Jist meet up with Wardens Woolley and Marswell to exchange information on the topic of both Royland Ponce and the murdered pixies.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 12

    Jist, having tailed Iggly and Royland Ponce, decides to dig a little further into what Ponce is up to, and if he knows anything about the recently murdered pixies. She sneaks into his home, but finds much, much more than she bargained for. Meanwhile, at the Chundhali School of Staves, Quillathe has come to a decision, Griff panicks a little bit more, and Sandir's father says something at exactly the right moment to set off Griff's biggest quirk.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 11

    Sandir, Quillathe, and Griff make their way back into the city, heading for the Chundhali School of Staves as their next hideout. Iggly, now face-to-face with the notorious Royland Ponce, finds that there is more than just Quillathe's little bit of drama happening in the city of Ammingrad right now.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 10

    Antsy in Knoll's Corners, Quillathe sneaks out and goes to the local village faire to cut loose and enjoy herself "like the common folks do." Griff chases after her in order to continue keeping a low profile... for what it's worth.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 9

    While Sandir recovers on bedrest, Quillathe and Griff try to lie low... but Griff can't help trying to steal back his money from the scamming Brownie at the general store, and Quillathe finds that it's very difficult to stop being the center of attention when you're used to being the grandest distraction in the room. There's a very drunk conversation between them when Quillathe plays bartender for the first time. The fernwitch, Maryiam Corg, scolds Quillathe for various reasons.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 8

    Griff and Quillathe get Sandir to an inn nearby so he can rest while they seek medical help for him. Iggly, meanwhile, is taken in by the Wardens for questioning regarding the events at Wavecrest and his presence at the Tideturning. Jist checks on Woolley and Marswell about the status of the dead pixie mystery.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 7

    Griff and Sandir reluctantly work together to dispose of the physical evidence of the fight on the beach. Iggly tells Quillathe off for using too much force during the encounter, and the alarm system goes off; Wardens have swarmed the island in search of the missing Quillathe. The gang must make their escape to nurse their wounds elsewhere as the authorities descend on the manor, and prepare to be on the lam, unable to trust anyone but themselves.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 6

    The intruders plant on the beach to take Quillathe back "to safety" but don't expect everyone to cause such a ruckus. One of the party puts an end to the fight in a most unexpected way, revealing a shocking amount of power.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 5

    Griff begins to scheme against their assailants on the island of Wavecrest, laying the most creative traps he can muster. Quillathe discovers that her attacker is not actually an attacker - it's an ally. Jist finally arrives at Wavecrest to find out what's happening to the rest of the crew, though her heart is still wracked with grief at her recent loss.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 4

    In a ploy to make sure they can keep Griff safe from any accusations of kidnapping, Iggly and Quillathe plot out a complex, specific Gobbin contract to be magically imprinted on Griff's skin. Quillathe and Griff bicker. A lot. An unexpected knock at the front door reveals they are not alone on the island of Wavecrest.

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