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In a distant age, magical beings known as the fey stepped from their dying world into this one, benevolently conquering the lands and its people.

Now, some 4000 years later, the great City of Ammingrad is a thriving metropolis, melding magic, machines, and magnificence in every aspect. Fey society flourishes in luxury, while humans toil and strive to survive. The vast city spans nearly an entire continent, surrounded by an impenetrable Barrier wall.

The city holds thousands of stories. What will yours be?

Welcome to Warda.

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    Warda: Glimpses - A Seal of Approval - Chapter 2

    Fenelle comforts poor Astrid, whose seal is still missing, while the others continue to hunt for clues, each in their own special way: Embrilar interviews various servants. Tierworth intimidates various servants. And Percy... well, Percy drinks a few cocktails while nodding his head at some things and shaking his head at others. A few startling discoveries and an unexpected delivery make the truth particularly difficult to sniff out.

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    Warda: Glimpses - A Seal of Approval - Chapter 1

    After a terribly swanky party announcing her engagement, Astrid Swent finds her official Greenskeeper Seal missing from her safe! She inadverntently enlists the help of her betrothed, Percy Wooshire, and his butler, Tierworth, for help in solving the mystery... along with Inquisitive Warden Embrilar Ardeo! What a bally good group of sleuths they are!

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    Warda: Glimpses - Tale of the Brothers Three - Chapter 3

    Bardo, Leto, and a few of their workers arrive by canal at Filtration Station #107, and manage to get inside. If young Abaigh uses her special skills to help them fetch the cylinder they need without getting caught, Leto has promised to reveal information about her father to her. There's sneaking, there's Kropabars, there's a shocking reveal about Lil Rudy's "parentage," and boy oh boy are there more corn candies. It's... an unusual heist, to say the least!

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    Warda: Glimpses - Tale of the Brothers Three - Chapter 2

    A deal is struck, but the little girl Abaigh is now missing. Leto tracks her down to make sure she's safe, then joins his brother Bardo and their workers at The Pit for a drink. Bardo is spoiling for a fight at the bar, and Leto has to do some quick talking to make sure they'll get their money's worth from the venture.

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    Warda: Glimpses - Tale of the Brothers Three - Chapter 1

    It's a beautiful day at Championship Shipping Company, and there's big deals afoot. Human brothers Leto Three and Bardo Three run a fine shipping operation, but each of them has their own deep, dark reasons for seeking that excellence. Transportation Guildemaster Yennry Grennville has a deal for these Brothers Three - steal a piece of mechanica from the nearby Filtration Station #107 without getting caught. Intrigued by a chance to give humans a leg up in the world of fey, the Brothers Three agree, but there's another twist - a young halfgene Janni named Abaigh has arrived in search of her human father, and she's determined to get the truth out of Leto Three.

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    Warda: Glimpses - Ghost of Appleton Orchard - Chapter 3

    Damery's unusual tune from the cellar of the barn alerts Alva and Derrech to her and Jasper's whereabouts, and the four unite to explore the highly suspicious tunnel and what lies beyond. What caused the ghostly apparition, the oily residue, and the strange goings-on??? Tune in to this final chapter of "Ghost of Appleton Orchard" to find out!

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    Warda: Glimpses - Ghost of Appleton Orchard - Chapter 2

    Jasper and Damery begin their paranormal investigations of the barn. Alva and Derrech snoop around for illegal activity on the premises, and everyone becomes quickly confused about what precisely is going on around here. Traditional Scooby-Dooing ensues!

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    Warda: Glimpses - Ghost of Appleton Orchard - Chapter 1

    Alva Goldfinch finds herself stranded in Westhill in the outer Tenth Ward, in a farm town called Pembroke. At the train station she bumps into Derech Cirrendakar, a Janni Warden, here to investigate a possible smuggling ring. Incidentally joining them are two Ifriti bent on ghost-hunting at the nearby Appleton Orchard: the aging ex-orchestra conductor Jasper Scourche and his assistant, the young musical savant Damery Coal. But what is going on at Appleton Orchard? Is it really ghosts, or something more sinister?

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    Warda: Glimpses - Guardians of the Undercity - Chapter 3

    The Spiderwillow thugs that took Quillathe are holed up inside Hardheart Station, an abandoned stop on the Violet Lotus line, and the great Sandir Chundhali is about to kick. their. trash. With Grettie, Felix, and Iggly at hand, Quillathe is as good as rescued... right?

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    Warda: Glimpses - Guardians of the Undercity - Chapter 2

    In which we discover that this 'B Team' episode is actually just a bizarre blend of Super Mario Bros. and Star Wars: A New Hope. Drew invents AMAZING new voices for NPCs. Felix Draem is the Leenik Geelo of Warda (cross-reference: Campaign podcast).

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