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In a distant age, magical beings known as the fey stepped from their dying world into our own, benevolently conquering the lands and its people.

Now, some 4000 years later, the great City of Ammingrad is a thriving metropolis, melding magic, machines, and magnificence in every aspect. Fey society flourishes in luxury, while humans toil and strive to survive. The vast city spans nearly an entire continent, surrounded by an impenetrable Barrier wall.

The city holds thousands of stories. What will yours be?

Welcome to Warda.

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    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 39

    The next few chapters are a very special side quest. The human weather thief Griff Hood has been given a mysterious apple by Mephanis Ardeo. If Griff can figure out what makes this apple different, there may be a considerable reward for him. The game is afoot!

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    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 38

    The fight is over, but the mystery continues to unfold in peculiar ways. Griff, Embrilar, Alva, and Tippin regroup and pull the broken (but still breathing) body of Connor Scrapewood to the Ardeo's family doctor on the estate to stabilize him for questioning. Alva reveals why she's so desperate to find Spiderwillow and decode Mildred's notebook.

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    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 37

    The fight on the Ardeo Estate turns nasty - and our curious heroes find themselves even deeper into a new mystery than they previously realized. Tippin's brutality impresses their new ally, the human Griff Hood.

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    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 36

    Embrilar, Alva, and Tippin face off with the Scrapewood twins and their goons on the lush tropical grounds of the Ardeo Estate... but an unexpected ally arrives with a unique contribution to the battle.

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    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 35

    Family drama? Pssh. It's nothing Alva, Tippin, and Embrilar can't handle... or is it? The evening at the Ardeo Estate takes a turn for the dramatic... and the confusing.

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    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 34

    Alva meets Cindra, Embrilar's half-sister. Tippin explores the estate. Embrilar barely avoids the wrath of his mother... and everyone meets Luminessa. Dinner is served, y'all.

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    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 33

    Guess who's coming to dinner at the Ardeo Estate? Embrilar, Alva, Tippin, Mildred Scrapewood, and Iggly Twitchwiggler III - although Iggly doesn't stay for the whole visit. Get ready to meet the Ardeos...

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    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 32

    Unusual discoveries cause a bit of a disturbance on the Violet Lotus train... but Iggly, Alva, Embrilar, and Tippin find themselves faced with an even more unusual discovery when the train stops at Dogwood Ditch to make a delivery.

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    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 31

    The Violet Lotus train to Amminheim rattles onward - and Iggly, Alva, and Embrilar find themselves seeking similar answers. Deciding to work together, they find out who may be behind the smuggling on this particular train line - the Scrapewood twins. But what, pray tell, are the goods being smuggled?

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    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 30

    A new story arc begins, with Embrilar and Tippin, featuring Alva Goldfinch (a Fairy milliner with a knack for secrets) and Mister Iggly Twitchwiggler III (a gentle-Gobbin of advanced years and considerable clout in the city's black markets). They find themselves aboard a train on the Violet Lotus line heading for Amminheim... but what brings them all together?

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