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In a distant age, magical beings known as the fey stepped from their dying world into this one, benevolently conquering the lands and its people.

Now, some 4000 years later, the great City of Ammingrad is a thriving metropolis, melding magic, machines, and magnificence in every aspect. Fey society flourishes in luxury, while humans toil and strive to survive. The vast city spans nearly an entire continent, surrounded by an impenetrable Barrier wall.

The city holds thousands of stories. What will yours be?

Welcome to Warda.

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    Glimpses - Humanity Rising - Part 1

    From the personal diary of Kathryn Clark, first entry dated 4820. The true story of the Independent Republic of Humanity.

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    Glimpses - To Learn To Love - Part 2

    Aly and Drew use the game Star Crossed to tell the story of a halfgene Ifriti professor and a Fairy head housekeeper as they find themselves drawn to one another as the Faction Era continues to grow around them, drastically changing the city of Ammingrad.

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    Glimpses - To Learn To Love - Part 1

    Aly and Drew use the game Star Crossed to tell the story of a halfgene Ifriti professor and a Fairy head housekeeper as they find themselves drawn to one another as the Faction Era continues to grow around them, drastically changing the city of Ammingrad.

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    Storms of War - The United Pact

    Since Stormfall in 4814, Lord Jardane Fleet has made sweeping changes to the Martial Guild and many of the wards surrounding his fallen home in Terraceton, changes that affect every single level of society therein... including you.

    Welcome to the United Pact.

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    Storms of War - The Faction Era

    The Guilds are dead. Welcome to the Faction Era. Times have sure changed in Ammingrad... let your old pal tell you all about it over a drink.

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    Winds of Change - The Story So Far

    A vox box arrives for you, delivered by pixie. You place it on the sonophone to listen... Why, it's a letter from your friend, Greorg, seeking to update you on the latest news during the last several spans in the city. So much has changed in such a short amount of time... and it concerns the entire population of Ammingrad. Even you.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 29

    In the final span, Griff pulls of a massive heist on the Weather Guild and steals four giant cauldrons: one blizzard, one typhoon, one tornado, one sandstorm of drought. He brings them to Quillathe as a peace offering and a commitment to her cause. Jist snoops around the high houses in search of information on who's planning what, and the conflict between Lutado's forces and Quillathe's comes to a head.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 28

    In the second span, Quillathe takes over the canals of the city. Griff struggles to lie low and fix up some new mechanica to use against the fey, and the Ascendant crashes a party Lutado's side is throwing. Jist trains hard to break the speed records held by other pixies in the city as part of her work for House Behl and her preparations for what's ahead. Iggly continues searching for the real Royland Ponce, certain that he's behind the chaos.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 27

    The next part of the story contains a kind of fast-forward: three spans of time and events contained in three episodes. To bring all the pieces of the game back to the playing field we play through a kind of montage that allows each of the main characters to catch up to where they want to be before our final act.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 26

    Jist narrows down her investigations at House Ardeo. Lady Luminessa seems too important to be involved in this type of thing, son Caspher is a bohemian artist, and daughter Cindra seems nice enough as she plays host to the Wardens in her living room. Jist flies next to observe the lord of the house, Mephanis, then doubles back to the mechanica master class quarters within the estate, certain that somebody within the Ardeo Estate has answers about the weather glass and the murdered pixies...

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 25

    Lady Luminessa Ardeo has graciously permitted Jist to tour the facilities of House Ardeo with the servant pixie Flicka. Jist uses this as an opportunity to investigate as MUCH as she can while playing the part of a high-ranking House Behl official.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 24

    Jist teams up with the Wardens, Caernen Woolley and Maive Marswell, to investigate House Ardeo's tenuous link to the glass found at the scene of the crime the night the pixies were murdered. There's answers out there, and by Ammin, this unlikely trio of detectives is going to find out the truth!

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 23

    Iggly and Torrance Fernworth finally make their way into Forget-Me-Not Square prison to seek out answers... but what they find is most surprising. Jist returns to her business with the Wardens by dropping in on Maive Marswell at home - she has the day off for Justice Day, after all. The two of them confer with Caernen Woolley about a new development in the case. Quillathe holds a press conference. Happy Justice Day, citizens!

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 22

    Quillathe prepares to declare war on her father, Lutado Sareine. Griff shows up and locks horns with Quillathe over whether or not the Ascendant will participate in Quillathe's house coup. Jist bonds with various members of House Behl and updates Iggly on what she's been up to, and then goes off in search of Maive and Caernen to check in on the case of the murdered pixies. Also, it's still Justice Day... so there's a lot going on out there in the world.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 21

    Jist continues to experience life in House Behl. Quillathe continues in combat training with the Krelle twins at House Sareine. Iggly continues to find the cracks in the defenses of Forget-Me-Not Prison, seeking information and leverage to find out exactly what he wants to know. Griff begins to pry deeper and deeper into the knowledge of magic and how magic works in the world, looking further than he's ever looked before in search of an advantage he can use in the dark days ahead. Also... it's Justice Day in Ammingrad. Happy Justice Day, everyone.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 20

    Iggly and Jist exchange information and prepare to set some gears in motion to help Quillathe's mission. Griff, Jist, and Iggly return to House Sareine while Quillathe attempts to make a plan to conquer her brothers' forces at House Sareiene. Despite casualties, Quillathe continues to treat others with shocking amounts of seemingly genuine kindness and respect. Everyone continues to be concerned about this development.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 19

    Quillathe returns to House Sareine to begin her takeover, only to be joined by the newly-formed Tidesguard, who swear their allegiance to her and her cause. Griff and Jist catch up, and Jist educates him on the delicate and mysterious magical substance known as spark.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 18

    Griff faces a hopeful human's demand for help. Jist is welcomed into House Behl for the very first time. Iggly searches for answers in the undercity about who made the porcelain pistols.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 17

    CONTENT WARNING: graphic violence, gunshots, death.

    The unexpected events unfolding at Quillathe and Sandir's wedding have put everyone on the alert. In the chaos, the fires of ambition are stoked with loss and realization, forging new and dangerous heroes in astonishing ways.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 16

    The morning of the wedding arrives, and Quillathe is determined not to lose this opportunity to gather a large crowd and speak a piece of her mind to get them on her side. Iggly works behind the scenes to ensure Quillathe is supported and reassured, Jist is confused about the wedding's true meaning, and Griff continues gathering unusual supplies for his plan to protect Quillathe - now that all of Ammingrad knows where she is and where she'll be tonight.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 15

    Griff heads out to restock his weather jars while Quillathe hurries to lock down plans for her wedding - but everyone has something to say on the subject, including Rath Chundhali.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 14

    Iggly and Caernen Woolley go door-to-door to some of Iggly's contacts inquiring after Royland Ponce's activity. Jist and Maive Marswell go to Jist's birdhouse home base and find very unexpected clues about what happened to the other pixies that eavesdropped at the Tideturning Gala. The gang reunites at the Chundhali School to decide how to proceed with Quillathe's big plan.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 13

    Griff and Sandir square off in the fighting ring at the Chundhali School of Staves, but not even Griff's spicy secret weapon is enough to detract from the plot twist Quillathe unleashes. Meanwhile, Iggly and Jist meet up with Wardens Woolley and Marswell to exchange information on the topic of both Royland Ponce and the murdered pixies.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 12

    Jist, having tailed Iggly and Royland Ponce, decides to dig a little further into what Ponce is up to, and if he knows anything about the recently murdered pixies. She sneaks into his home, but finds much, much more than she bargained for. Meanwhile, at the Chundhali School of Staves, Quillathe has come to a decision, Griff panicks a little bit more, and Sandir's father says something at exactly the right moment to set off Griff's biggest quirk.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 11

    Sandir, Quillathe, and Griff make their way back into the city, heading for the Chundhali School of Staves as their next hideout. Iggly, now face-to-face with the notorious Royland Ponce, finds that there is more than just Quillathe's little bit of drama happening in the city of Ammingrad right now.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 10

    Antsy in Knoll's Corners, Quillathe sneaks out and goes to the local village faire to cut loose and enjoy herself "like the common folks do." Griff chases after her in order to continue keeping a low profile... for what it's worth.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 9

    While Sandir recovers on bedrest, Quillathe and Griff try to lie low... but Griff can't help trying to steal back his money from the scamming Brownie at the general store, and Quillathe finds that it's very difficult to stop being the center of attention when you're used to being the grandest distraction in the room. There's a very drunk conversation between them when Quillathe plays bartender for the first time. The fernwitch, Maryiam Corg, scolds Quillathe for various reasons.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 8

    Griff and Quillathe get Sandir to an inn nearby so he can rest while they seek medical help for him. Iggly, meanwhile, is taken in by the Wardens for questioning regarding the events at Wavecrest and his presence at the Tideturning. Jist checks on Woolley and Marswell about the status of the dead pixie mystery.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 7

    Griff and Sandir reluctantly work together to dispose of the physical evidence of the fight on the beach. Iggly tells Quillathe off for using too much force during the encounter, and the alarm system goes off; Wardens have swarmed the island in search of the missing Quillathe. The gang must make their escape to nurse their wounds elsewhere as the authorities descend on the manor, and prepare to be on the lam, unable to trust anyone but themselves.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 6

    The intruders plant on the beach to take Quillathe back "to safety" but don't expect everyone to cause such a ruckus. One of the party puts an end to the fight in a most unexpected way, revealing a shocking amount of power.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 5

    Griff begins to scheme against their assailants on the island of Wavecrest, laying the most creative traps he can muster. Quillathe discovers that her attacker is not actually an attacker - it's an ally. Jist finally arrives at Wavecrest to find out what's happening to the rest of the crew, though her heart is still wracked with grief at her recent loss.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 4

    In a ploy to make sure they can keep Griff safe from any accusations of kidnapping, Iggly and Quillathe plot out a complex, specific Gobbin contract to be magically imprinted on Griff's skin. Quillathe and Griff bicker. A lot. An unexpected knock at the front door reveals they are not alone on the island of Wavecrest.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 3

    Iggly cashes in some favors to uncover who's behind the attack at Quillathe's party last night. Jist flies off to report in for work at the Warden station, curious to find out what happened to her friend Urie and the other pixies from the party and the payout for their information gig. Iggly, Griff, and Quillathe disguise themselves and travel across the city to the winter home of House Sareine in search of a safe place to hide while Iggly figures out what's going on.

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 2

    Jist and Griff poke around the Weather Agents' curious dampening device, causing a chain reaction of chaos, and the most shocking guests of all arrive unfashionably late and unfashionably masked. In a moment of sudden danger, Quillathe turns to Griff, Iggly, and Jist for an escape, and away they go...

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    Winds of Change - Chapter 1

    The Tideturning Gala of Quillathe Sareine of House Sareiene - the social event of the season. Anybody who's anybody is here, including shrewd banker Gobbin Iggly Twitchwiggler III; Jist, the fastest Pixie in Ammingrad; and Griff Hood, local human thief and anarchist. Quillathe's suitors are jostling for her attentions, but her family are mostly ignoring her. Little does she realize what surprises are in store... Tonight's the night her life changes forever.

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    Warda: Inkblots - A Sandir For All Seasons

    Inkblots are short fictions set in the world of Warda, written and performed by either Aly or Drew. This Inkblot, "A Sandir For All Seasons" serves as a palate cleanser at the end of Glimpses, and the beginning of Winds of Change.

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    Warda: Glimpses - How the Other Half Lives - Chapter 2

    Sandir has offered Quillathe (disguised as Jade Calypso Moonroot) a challenge: she must perform good deeds of a selfless nature this night in order to win back a potion from him, something mysterious called Clarity which she needs desperately before her Tideturning Gala tomorrow night. Quillathe has agreed... but what will these good deeds entail? And will Sandir figure out her true identity?

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    Warda: Glimpses - How the Other Half Lives - Chapter 1

    The night before Quillathe Sareine's coming-of-age Tideturning Gala, she sneaks out of her family's home in search of a particular potion she needs. Intercepted by one of the city's finest duellists, folk hero and longtime suitor Sandir Chundhali, Quillathe finds herself whisked away on a peculiar adventure not of fine silks and breathtaking vistas but of back alleys, hungry children, and the curious underbelly of the city of Ammingrad.

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    Warda: Glimpses - A Seal of Approval - Chapter 3

    The plot thickens, judgements fly, and the true answer to who stole Lady Astrid Swent's Seelie seal and why will baffle and amaze you utterly! Be sure to have your thinking cap on, chaps, or it's quite a puzzle to piece out!

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    Warda: Glimpses - A Seal of Approval - Chapter 2

    Fenelle comforts poor Astrid, whose seal is still missing, while the others continue to hunt for clues, each in their own special way: Embrilar interviews various servants. Tierworth intimidates various servants. And Percy... well, Percy drinks a few cocktails while nodding his head at some things and shaking his head at others. A few startling discoveries and an unexpected delivery make the truth particularly difficult to sniff out.

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    Warda: Glimpses - A Seal of Approval - Chapter 1

    After a terribly swanky party announcing her engagement, Astrid Swent finds her official Greenskeeper Seal missing from her safe! She inadverntently enlists the help of her betrothed, Percy Wooshire, and his butler, Tierworth, for help in solving the mystery... along with Inquisitive Warden Embrilar Ardeo! What a bally good group of sleuths they are!

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    Warda: Glimpses - Tale of the Brothers Three - Chapter 3

    Bardo, Leto, and a few of their workers arrive by canal at Filtration Station #107, and manage to get inside. If young Abaigh uses her special skills to help them fetch the cylinder they need without getting caught, Leto has promised to reveal information about her father to her. There's sneaking, there's Kropabars, there's a shocking reveal about Lil Rudy's "parentage," and boy oh boy are there more corn candies. It's... an unusual heist, to say the least!

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    Warda: Glimpses - Tale of the Brothers Three - Chapter 2

    A deal is struck, but the little girl Abaigh is now missing. Leto tracks her down to make sure she's safe, then joins his brother Bardo and their workers at The Pit for a drink. Bardo is spoiling for a fight at the bar, and Leto has to do some quick talking to make sure they'll get their money's worth from the venture.

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    Warda: Glimpses - Tale of the Brothers Three - Chapter 1

    It's a beautiful day at Championship Shipping Company, and there's big deals afoot. Human brothers Leto Three and Bardo Three run a fine shipping operation, but each of them has their own deep, dark reasons for seeking that excellence. Transportation Guildemaster Yennry Grennville has a deal for these Brothers Three - steal a piece of mechanica from the nearby Filtration Station #107 without getting caught. Intrigued by a chance to give humans a leg up in the world of fey, the Brothers Three agree, but there's another twist - a young halfgene Janni named Abaigh has arrived in search of her human father, and she's determined to get the truth out of Leto Three.

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    Warda: Glimpses - Ghost of Appleton Orchard - Chapter 3

    Damery's unusual tune from the cellar of the barn alerts Alva and Derrech to her and Jasper's whereabouts, and the four unite to explore the highly suspicious tunnel and what lies beyond. What caused the ghostly apparition, the oily residue, and the strange goings-on??? Tune in to this final chapter of "Ghost of Appleton Orchard" to find out!

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    Warda: Glimpses - Ghost of Appleton Orchard - Chapter 2

    Jasper and Damery begin their paranormal investigations of the barn. Alva and Derrech snoop around for illegal activity on the premises, and everyone becomes quickly confused about what precisely is going on around here. Traditional Scooby-Dooing ensues!

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    Warda: Glimpses - Ghost of Appleton Orchard - Chapter 1

    Alva Goldfinch finds herself stranded in Westhill in the outer Tenth Ward, in a farm town called Pembroke. At the train station she bumps into Derech Cirrendakar, a Janni Warden, here to investigate a possible smuggling ring. Incidentally joining them are two Ifriti bent on ghost-hunting at the nearby Appleton Orchard: the aging ex-orchestra conductor Jasper Scourche and his assistant, the young musical savant Damery Coal. But what is going on at Appleton Orchard? Is it really ghosts, or something more sinister?

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    Warda: Glimpses - Guardians of the Undercity - Chapter 3

    The Spiderwillow thugs that took Quillathe are holed up inside Hardheart Station, an abandoned stop on the Violet Lotus line, and the great Sandir Chundhali is about to kick. their. trash. With Grettie, Felix, and Iggly at hand, Quillathe is as good as rescued... right?

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    Warda: Glimpses - Guardians of the Undercity - Chapter 2

    In which we discover that this 'B Team' episode is actually just a bizarre blend of Super Mario Bros. and Star Wars: A New Hope. Drew invents AMAZING new voices for NPCs. Felix Draem is the Leenik Geelo of Warda (cross-reference: Campaign podcast).

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    Warda: Glimpses - Guardians of the Undercity - Chapter 1

    We jump back in time to the night of the riots in Amminheim, amid the chaos and the fighting. Sandir Chundhali has one goal: get Quillathe Sareine to safety. But after a twist of bad luck, she's been captured by thugs. Sandir must infiltrate their hideout with the unusual help of the most unlikely of fey: Felix Draem, Fairy sogger; Grettie Buschelcroft, Brownie spelunkerer; and the illustrious and mysterious Iggly Twitchwiggler III.

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    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 63

    This is the final chapter of Game Zero of Warda: Curiosities! The Wardens arrive to raid The Pit for illegal activity and contraband materials, while Embrilar and Owin do their best to fend off the elementum in the arena.

  59. Thumb 1511982387 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 62

    The Pit is playing host to an extremely illegal yet enticing set of fights between elementals - that is, semi-intelligent bits of fire, water, air, and earth. Owin loves a good gamble, but Embrilar can't help wondering who's behind this pretty brutal business, and why. Tippin's curiosity is also piqued... but then things escalate very quickly.

  60. Thumb 1511818393 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 61

    Pay The Piper goes fairly well... but The Pit is a den of iniquity and there's so much more it has to offer this evening for Owin, Tippin, and Embrilar. There's also an in-depth examination of soulgems, ethics, and illegal elemental magic.

  61. Thumb 1511813574 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 60

    Welcome to our flashback to Game Zero of Warda: Curiosities! This was the first time Amy, Frank, and Justin got together to play Owin, Tippin, and Embrilar in the city of Ammingrad. It's a casual night at The Pit - a gambling den the three of them frequent in a rougher neighborhood of town. In this first chapter of Game Zero, there's drinking, discussion of Pixie lifespans, and a dangerous game of Pay The Piper. But what else does the evening have in store for our curious heroes?

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    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 56

    The first part of our 'season finale' of Warda: Curiosities! The threads of our heroes and the malevolent Spiderwillow are finally coming together... but at what costs?

  66. Thumb 1510428367 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 55

    In the heart of the Spiderwillow operation, Owin, Griff, Tippin and Alva go toe to toe with the unknown in search of answers... and all bets are off. Nobody holds back this time... and there are dire consequences to the actions they take.

  67. Thumb 1510426615 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 54

    The riots in Amminheim rage on as the Wardens march against the protesters. Griff and Alva struggle to find a solution they agree on. Tippin and Owin race to find out what they must do to locate and put a stop to Spiderwillow once and for all.

  68. Thumb 1510322131 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 53

    With Embrilar unconscious, the key still missing, and the identity of Spiderwillow hanging in the balance, Alva Goldfinch finds herself assisted by the young human Griff Hood, sent to protect Iggly Twitchwiggler's investment(s), and Tippin goes to the one other person he trusts most in the world: Owin Bolard.

  69. Thumb 1509402951 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 52

    Tippin sets off to accomplish the task given him by Spiderwillow - but Jo tries to interfere. Although Spaniel helps them to safety, Alva is simultaneously intrigued by and suspicious of the cook's motives. But there's no time to stop and interrogate; these riots are getting out of hand, and Felix has to get to work sogging before the whole of Amminheim is swallowed up in violence and flame.

  70. Thumb 1509399985 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 51

    Felix, Alva, and Embrilar make their way through the rioting crowds but can't help stopping to try and defend some innocent Sylvani. Things heat up - in a bad way - but then doors open in unexpected places. Tippin bargains with Spiderwillow for information while trying to plan against murdering an ally.

  71. Thumb 1509395212 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 50

    Tippin is offered a deal by the mysterious Spiderwillow, while Alva and Embrilar realize that Milton Scudge has scarpered and left them in a lurch without the coded clue book. As fate would have it, however, the riots are growing, and the Department of Magical Suppresion and Security has sent Sogger Team 1 to dampen the playing field... and one of the soggers is a familiar face to Alva.

  72. Thumb 1508958383 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 49

    The crystalline airship of House Sareine is no longer a safe haven for our curious heroes! Flares have gone up all over Amminheim... signaling... what? A riot?! It's out of the frying pan into the fire for Embrilar, Alva, and Tippin as they nosedive right back into Amminheim.

  73. Thumb 1508954173 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 48

    The party on Quillathe's diamond air-yacht carries on in full swing, despite the presence of Alva, Embrilar, Tippin... and now also the terrible, no-good, horrible, scummy Kev Williford. Quillathe tries to help - but "help "from Quillathe Sareine is unusual at best and extreme at worst.

  74. Thumb 1508891503 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 47

    Our intrepid, curious heroes find themselves aboard a crystalline air-yacht, wherein a very exclusive party is being held by none other than Quillathe Sareine of House Sareine. And everyone knows that a Quillathe party is the ONLY party that matters.

  75. Thumb 1508272061 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 46

    The mysterious Mr. Spiderwillow is not at ALL what our heroes thought he'd be... and the daring escape they make from the Spiderwillow compound is FULL of twists. As Grettie always says: "Adventure is under there!"

  76. Thumb 1508271893 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 45

    Alva and Grettie seek a way out of the Spiderwillow compound, but find themselves face to face with the dangerous and delirious Royland Ponce. Tippin struggles with emotions, and Embrilar does a halfway decent job of deceiving some minions.

  77. Thumb 1508271496 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 44

    On the brink of a discovery about Spiderwillow, Tippin is high on something, Embrilar uses stealth (it's kinda effective) and Alva finds herself rescued by a surprisingly competent spelunkerer...

  78. Thumb 1507654727 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 43

    Sandir finally arrives at Borewald Military Academy in Amminheim for his duel against three of Borewald's finest. Alva pretends to be someone she's not in order to find Spiderwillow. Tippin is still drunk. Embrilar makes puns (shocking).

  79. Thumb 1507652158 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 42

    Back in Amminheim, Sandir offers to let the gang stay over at his family's spare bungalow in this part of town, but when they arrive, they are shocked to find it occupied. Additionally, Alva leads a charge to Milton Scudge's hideout to have him decode the book she took off Mildred Scrapewood, and Tippin experiences a Pixie rave.

  80. Thumb 1507582485 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 41

    Alva, Tippin, and Embrilar leave the Ardeo Estate behind, resuming their search for Spiderwillow... but unexpectedly encounter the most DELIGHTFUL of coincidences - also on this train is SANDIR CHUNDHALI, paragon of fey and the most noble Naiadi in existence!

  81. Thumb 1507245326 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 40

    The conclusion of Griff's adventure with Alice Mortimer and the mysterious apple from House Ardeo!

  82. Thumb 1507236350 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 39

    The next few chapters are a very special side quest. The human weather thief Griff Hood has been given a mysterious apple by Mephanis Ardeo. If Griff can figure out what makes this apple different, there may be a considerable reward for him. The game is afoot!

  83. Thumb 1507147030 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 38

    The fight is over, but the mystery continues to unfold in peculiar ways. Griff, Embrilar, Alva, and Tippin regroup and pull the broken (but still breathing) body of Connor Scrapewood to the Ardeo's family doctor on the estate to stabilize him for questioning. Alva reveals why she's so desperate to find Spiderwillow and decode Mildred's notebook.

  84. Thumb 1506972535 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 37

    The fight on the Ardeo Estate turns nasty - and our curious heroes find themselves even deeper into a new mystery than they previously realized. Tippin's brutality impresses their new ally, the human Griff Hood.

  85. Thumb 1506969324 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 36

    Embrilar, Alva, and Tippin face off with the Scrapewood twins and their goons on the lush tropical grounds of the Ardeo Estate... but an unexpected ally arrives with a unique contribution to the battle.

  86. Thumb 1506463963 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 35

    Family drama? Pssh. It's nothing Alva, Tippin, and Embrilar can't handle... or is it? The evening at the Ardeo Estate takes a turn for the dramatic... and the confusing.

  87. Thumb 1506458754 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 34

    Alva meets Cindra, Embrilar's half-sister. Tippin explores the estate. Embrilar barely avoids the wrath of his mother... and everyone meets Luminessa. Dinner is served, y'all.

  88. Thumb 1506455953 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 33

    Guess who's coming to dinner at the Ardeo Estate? Embrilar, Alva, Tippin, Mildred Scrapewood, and Iggly Twitchwiggler III - although Iggly doesn't stay for the whole visit. Get ready to meet the Ardeos...

  89. Thumb 1505856003 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 32

    Unusual discoveries cause a bit of a disturbance on the Violet Lotus train... but Iggly, Alva, Embrilar, and Tippin find themselves faced with an even more unusual discovery when the train stops at Dogwood Ditch to make a delivery.

  90. Thumb 1505762238 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 31

    The Violet Lotus train to Amminheim rattles onward - and Iggly, Alva, and Embrilar find themselves seeking similar answers. Deciding to work together, they find out who may be behind the smuggling on this particular train line - the Scrapewood twins. But what, pray tell, are the goods being smuggled?

  91. Thumb 1505346605 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 30

    A new story arc begins, with Embrilar and Tippin, featuring Alva Goldfinch (a Fairy milliner with a knack for secrets) and Mister Iggly Twitchwiggler III (a gentle-Gobbin of advanced years and considerable clout in the city's black markets). They find themselves aboard a train on the Violet Lotus line heading for Amminheim... but what brings them all together?

  92. Thumb 1505332338 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 29

    The epic conclusion of our heroes' daring mission! Will they rescue Fenelle? What will become of Dove? And WHO the of the scar-throated Ifriti?!

  93. Thumb 1505331920 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 28

    Our heroes have raced to the clocktower, hot in pursuit of a very dangerous, no good, horribly awful Ifriti villain, but they are woefully underprepared for what's ahead...

  94. Thumb 1505331790 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 27

    The beginning of the end of the first story arc! Embrilar, Owin, and Tippin race to uncover the identity of the mastermind behind all these murders... but time is quickly running out.

  95. Thumb 1505331547 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 26

    Join us for the thrilling conclusion of Promenade Night and find out what happens to Embrilar, Owin, Lilaria, Sandir, John... and Conrad!

  96. Thumb 1505331376 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 25

    John Mortimer's mistakes in the lab have Embrilar, Owin, Sandir, and Lilaria on a wild goose chase all over the school trying to capture the dangerous animal... but will there still be time for smooching along the way? After all, it IS Promenade Night.

  97. Thumb 1505331318 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 24

    Another special flashback adventure... to Embrilar and Owin's school days and PROM NIGHT, of course! But something has gone awry in one of the laboratories, and the human servant John Mortimer needs Embrilar's help to make it right. Will Embrilar and his Janni crush Lilaria Burq truly be together? Will Owin avoid the surging affections of Sandir Chundhali? And what will become of John Mortimer's beastly experiment?

  98. Thumb 1505331246 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 23

    Grettie, Tippin, and Owin have their work cut out for them as they flee a giant boulder, dodge traps, and try to get to that treasure before that giant snake comes back... why did it have to be snakes?!

  99. Thumb 1505331198 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 22

    The paths in this deep dark cavern lead Owin, Tippin, and Grettie to even deeper and darker places as they search for their quarry... but their presence has disturbed something big, ancient, and serpentine.

  100. Thumb 1505330653 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 21

    Owin Bolard and Tippin travel deep underground in search of a hidden treasure - aided by the clever Brownie spelunker, Grettie Buschelcroft.

  101. Thumb 1505330072 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 20

    Embrilar, Owin and Tippin bring Caspher, Chet, and Sandir back to the curiosity shop on Silver Street to regroup, rest, and reveal what the vox box has in store for them.

  102. Thumb 1505329944 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 19

    Embrilar, Owin, an unconscious Chet, and a triumphant Sandir Chundhali rush the injured Tippin to a doctor, and then meet up with Caspher Ardeo, Emby's half-brother, for some much needed mechanist assistance to listen to that vox box they found...

  103. Thumb 1505328963 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 18

    The Pell Mells gang is kicking our heroes' trash when suddenly - an unexpected ally arrives! Who will be hurt? Who will be saved? And DOES this new ally have his own theme music?!

  104. Thumb 1505328935 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chaper 17

    Embrilar, Owin, Tippin, and Chet are ambushed in an alleyway by the Pell Mells. A fight breaks out - and boy is it a fight!

  105. Thumb 1505328846 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 16

    At the music shop near Renyi's apartment, the gang gathers to find a way to play the message hidden within the vox box... but it isn't as easy as they think.

  106. Thumb 1505328812 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chaper 15

    At Renyi's apartment, Owin, Tippin, and Embrilar discover a few interesting items... including a mysterious and very modern device known as a vox box. What secrets was Renyi really hiding?

  107. Thumb 1505328755 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 14

    Embrilar, Tippin, Owin, Chet, and Dove take a cab across town to the apartment of Renyi Wiss to investigate her death, and find a clue as to what has become of Emby's Warden partner, Fenelle Yewen.

  108. Thumb 1505328669 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 13

    Chet is in a right pickle, and the gang doesn't quite know what to do about it. Dove shows up and has some choice words for them about what's next on their To Do List...

  109. Thumb 1505328597 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 12

    Tippin just can't lie to Embrilar, which explains how Owin's personal issue with that Brownie, Alfryd Brillum, becomes public knowledge. The gang discover the other half of the listening spell, and return to the Curiosity Shop to check on Chet...

  110. Thumb 1505328538 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 11

    Owin and Tippin discover Chet Stockington's vest holds a curious listening spell... but who put it there? Embrilar and Fenelle meet up with Owin and Tippin at the scene of Isley Morris' murder - and confer with Fist & Foot Warden Inquisitive, Maive Marswell, on the case.

  111. Thumb 1501796962 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 10

    The morning after the Gala has everyone in a confused frenzy... and Embrilar, Tippin, and Owin find themselves unraveling an even larger mystery... one of the suspects in the Yishara Wiss case is dead.

  112. Thumb 1500578823 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 9

    A fight breaks out at The Magic Hour - and Tippin proves that his sense of strategy is more than that of the average Pixie. Will they get Chet out unharmed? What information is he hiding? And WHO KILLED YISHARA WISS?!

  113. Thumb 1500577824 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 8

    A rough and tumble Fairy gang interrupts the festivities at The Magic Hour and it sounds like they're after Chet Stockington, the latest person of interest in the murder of Yishara Wiss. What other clues will Embrilar, Owin, and Tippin uncover in the chaos?

  114. Thumb 1500574912 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 7

    Owin, Embrilar, and Tippin find themselves with a new potential ally - a mysterious Janni called Dove. She brings them to a popular nightspot, The Magic Hour, and trades questions with them about the case of Yishara Wiss. Another suspect is close at hand, and the gang must choose how to proceed.

  115. Thumb 1500566959 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 6

    Owin gets chummy with the ingenue suspect, and Tippin discovers a trail of 'raw magic' that leads them to a totally unexpected and mysterious figure.

  116. Thumb 1500563049 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 5

    Embrilar, Owin, and Tippin continue to comb the opera house for clues and find that there are more suspects than they previously... uh... suspected.

  117. Thumb 1500561942 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 4

    The doors are locked and the clock is ticking. Yishara Wiss has been turned to stone, and Embrilar, Owin, and Tippin must find the culprit in a sea of faces attending the gala.

  118. Thumb 1499378461 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 3

    A murder at the opera?! But who's the culprit? Good thing Embrilar is a Warden of the Hand and Eye division... Now it's up to him, Owin, and Tippin to investigate the guests while Embrilar's captain, Corgan Vance, heads back to the Warden Station for backup.

  119. Thumb 1499378190 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 2

    Tensions are running high between the high houses of the fey tonight... but why? And what DOES the new fruit taste like?! Owin, Tippin, and Embrilar continue to explore and hobnob with the elite, but none of them have any idea what surprises lie in store.

  120. Thumb 1499366804 artwork

    Warda: Curiosities - Chapter 1

    Welcome to Warda! Meet Embrilar, Owin, and Tippin as they embark on their next adventure... attending a formal gala! What could possibly go wrong?

  121. Thumb 1499369626 artwork
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